Things Work Out for People Like You

by Nothing Rhymes with David

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released May 20, 2016

Recorded in Albatross, New South Wales.
Produced, engineered, recorded, mixed and mastered by Kai Whitaker.
Executive produced by nothing rhymes with david.

Words and music by nothing rhymes with david, except “Carrie Fisher's Dog” (words and music by Nick van Breda).

Front cover art taken from The Failure of Elisabeth by Eleanor Frances Poynter.
Back cover art taken from Voyage 'Round the World by Charles Wilkes.
Images supplied courtesy of The British Library.
Voice sample in “Bones Sloane” taken from the audiobook for David Rakoff's Half Empty, produced by Random House Audio and read by David Rakoff.

nothing rhymes with david is...

David James Young: Lead vocals (1-10), backing vocals (1-3), acoustic guitar (1-4, 6-10), electric guitar (2, 5), drums (1-3, 5, 8), percussion (2, 6), keyboards (5, 9-10)


Kai Whitaker: Bass (1-3, 5, 8), additional guitars (2, 4)
David Muratore: Mandolin (2), lead guitar (3), vocals (6)
Chris Young: Vocals (3, 6)
Koby Geddes: Guitar solo (2)




Nothing Rhymes with David Wollongong, Australia

I get on the the stage to sing and play
Man there said "Come back some other day.
You sound like a hillbilly."

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Track Name: Bones Sloane
Somewhere between the ceiling and floor
We all found out what was going on
Sore spots and solemn remarks
Things lost in the fire
Things found in the dark

But they don't do that anymore

He said he saw her in everything
It made him feel whole again
She said she would not be denied
The cycle breaks but never ends

I thought I heard your voice last night
Why don't you care?
Why aren't you here?

What will become of this?
He will ask and she won't know
That's just the way it is
She will leave and he won't follow
He will leave and she won't follow

It used to be so much easier.
Track Name: Numb Chomsky
You won't survive
No you won't survive
You were not designed to live off pride
And you won't survive

You've seen this happen to so many of your friends
They've been out burning bridges and their candles at both ends
And as the water brims up to the top again
Don't say I didn't warn you, don't say I wasn't there
I saw it happen to so many that you knew
The ones that you abandoned and the ones that you outgrew
Reached the point where there was nothing they could do
And as God as my witness, it will happen to you

This was never worth all the farewells that you bid
I cut my losses and I'm so glad that I did
For in spite of every single thing you said
I never turned my back on you, I never ran and hid
You painted my name up on the wall for all to see
You cast your fingers and you let dogs off the leash
You wanted them to bite but they just barked at me
I'm not afraid of you and I am never gonna be

No you won't

There is a circle there's a ring that still divides
You'll drift away once you cut off all your ties
The things behind the sun don't get too wise
But even they will cotton on before you realise
Track Name: Majority Report
It's hard to be a decent human being
Especially when lions tell you so
You can take note of where you stand together
It won't guarantee you'll never be alone
High school became fantasy football
A parade of no greater significance
And university just turned out to be
High school with fancier certificates

But I'm not here to bring you down
No, I'm not here at all

(Won't you fill)
Fill the blanks from here?
(Won't you dig)
Dig me out of this?

We make plans to keep ourselves in contact
Though we both know exactly what we mean
We'll send a message when we're a year older
Then avoid each other's faces on the street
Routinely suffocating in our circles
Always gasping for fresher air
We stop to wonder why, and how we got inside
These round holes were never meant for such squares

But I'm not here to bring you down
I never meant to say these words out loud
No, I'm not here at all

I don't care where you've been
I don't care where you're going
I only want to find what there's no earthly way of knowing

I won't listen to the sounds of your bells, whistles and cliques
I won't throw myself at the wall just to see if I stick
And I won't stand out or fit in
And I won't, I won't be a statement
I'm tired of making a statement
I'm tired of making a statement

But I'm not here to bring you down
I never meant to say these words out loud
I'm not here to hear you out
No, I'm not here at all
Track Name: Get Title, Change Slightly
I was a stranger in a strange land
And you were an old hand on the mainland
We spoke as we walked
We laughed as we talked
Words so easy to understand

Your presence revered at the bar
Someone lead you off to your guitar
And it wasn't very long
Until you were singing that song

I found a harmony
I found a reason to believe
Now it's a part of me

And I found a reason to believe

We tripped on black wires
We found a place to rest our feet on Crystal Street
You took my anxiety
And calmed it with your poetry

So everytime I sing these songs
I'm not just reminded of what once was
So clearly I can see
Everything that is and can still could be

I found a harmony
I found a reason to believe
Now it's a part of me

And I found a reason to

You held out your hand
You said “This is my friend”
What more could you ask for?
What more could you ever dare ask for?

But I don't drink
I just see bands
I sing along with what I know
And then go home again
But what you've given me
It esonates throughout my life
So I might just stay a little while
Yeah, I might just stay a little
Track Name: Sex, God and Katy Perry
If I think I am getting too old for this
If I think I am getting too old for this
If I think I am getting too old for this
I can't imagine how
I can't imagine how you feel

Those nights we were out
Singing hymns with lapsed Catholics
Made us wish we had a city to share
But tales grow tall as our heroes fall
And we'll tell them that they had to be there

But no
No matter where we find ourselves
It seems
We spend our summers wishing we were somewhere else

We never feel attractive
We just want to get reactions
When we're setting ourselves up to fail
We see the same stars, but it's just too far
From north Footscray to north Annandale

And we were living for the happiest song
But now, we can't make the suburbs fall in love

There are worse ways
To make the earth shake
And there are worse ways
To wipe a clean slate
And there are worse ways
To make a mistake
And there are worse ways
To make a heart break

Here's the point where it all changed
Here's the point that we rearranged
Connecting dots and broken parts
We don't know which way is up
5am and I'm so tired
Left with sunshine in my eyes
We could talk from dawn to dusk

But I still wouldn't know how to give up
Track Name: Song of the Square Peg (99% Scene Free)
I was 23 years when I wrote this song
But you're 19, and that makes me feel old
It's like you moved out of home and got your first tattoo
Before you'd learned how to walk or even tie your shoes

See, I don't sink piss
And I don't smoke fags
I don't drink out of shoes when I'm off the mainland
And my beard's not great
And I've never once rebelled
And I can't buy your band's shirt
Because you don't stock 2XL

But maybe, that's just who I'm supposed to be
I'm 99% scene free

You won't find rare vinyl taking up my shelves
I keep my personal and political convictions to myself
I don't have a best mate or a girl that broke my heart
And if you asked me about punk rock, I probably wouldn't know where to start

'Cause I don't own a denim cutoff
And I don't own a bike
And I saw Nicki Minaj once
And I really fucking liked it
And I've gotten into bands after their 7-inch came out
And I've taken bits of animals, and put them in my mouth

I'm an awkward individual
I'm a fat, hairy bisexual
I'm a straight-edge Aspie
And I guess I always will be
I'm that guy at shows that you see all the time
But you'd never want to speak to
'Cause he seems like such a strange guy
And you'd be right
Track Name: Babies Hate Black Sabbath

You'll walk as well as you crawl, and you'll find a life that exists beyond these walls. You'll walk to new places, so far away from home - but as long as we're with you, you'll never be alone. So put your earmuffs on, 'cause it's so loud and clear.

Oh Ava, I'm just so glad that you're here.


I know it's so hard to explain how people come and people change and people go away. But you've given out so much love, it isn't hard to see how many more will love you back unconditionally. We're all so scared, but you're so brave you won't shed a tear.

Oh Henry, I'm just so glad that you're here.


You must wonder what it is they do, with the singing and the screaming and guitars just out of tune. But while they're taking care of you, they're taking care of me. I keep their songs with me - not out of want, but need. So, no matter how far away I am, I've got them near.

Oh Eli, I'm just so glad that you're here.


You fill up the world with such fire. You've got hair like Becky Lynch, and the heart of Daniel Bryan. You're smarter than John Cena - and way tougher, too. You give better hugs than Bayley, and that's the hardest thing to do. Your love's stronger than Goldberg, and it hits like a spear.

Oh Tilly, I'm just so glad that you're here.


Hello. You've arrived just in time. Now every day is the first day of the rest of your life. If there's one thing I want you to learn from this song, it's that everyone's family and everywhere's home - as long as there's good music and the ones held dear.

Then Francis, I'm just so glad that you're here.
Oh Tilly, I'm just so glad that you're here.
Oh Eli, I'm just so glad that you're here.
Oh Henry, I'm just so glad that you're here.
Oh Ava, I'm so glad you're all here.
Track Name: Carrie Fisher's Dog
Late night, home on a plane
But I can't explain, for my teeth and my tongue
They seem to get in the way
Of what I could say, I would be willing to run
Too much criticised, it's hard to comply
With what I've become
But I try hard to relax
Avoid heart attacks
When, all of a sudden, I'm done

As we all fall down
Yeah, we all fall down
I'm forgetting my
I'm forgetting my mind

Late night, early to rise
A hard conversation
They've got medication for that
But all feelings aside
As I compromise, lie on my side
And write lists of things that I lack

I cry
And I fall over things I find
I cry
And I drive
Track Name: Zombie by The Cranberries by Andrew Jackson Jihad by Nothing Rhymes with David
I'd promise everything
If I knew where to start
I'd tell you everything
If only you would stay awake

You wrote to me in your dreams
But I got the message
We saw the night through cellophane
And it made my heart break

Beyond your comprehension
Is a place of freedom
Beyond what you see
Is a soul in need

You took me to a party
And I took your hand
You are still a child of distance
No body left to bleed

Darling boy of tongues and sleep
Drive your patience unto me

Take your camera and we'll make a show of it
Take your house and we'll make a home of it
Track Name: Half Those Songs Were About You
O that we were young again
O that we were so in love again
In love again
I feel as though it's passing
That the track's gone 'round the bend

O that I could miss again
O the taste of cracked skin lips again
Lips again
Supposed imperfections
Made you perfect in my head

O that I could feel again
O the way you made me feel again
Feel again
The days we spent in wonder
Lead to nights I can't forget

O that I could hear again
O that voice and those small words again
Words again
From the last time that I saw you
To the first time that we met

O that I could see again
Everything you saw in me again
Me again
But everything I know now
I wish I knew back then

O that we were young again
O that we were so in love again
In love again

But it's never coming back

And that's how the story ends.